Enables you to precisely place artwork for GT.
Brother GT Shoe Printer
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Acculine System
Optimising Your Workflow

Brother‘s new placement tool is a terrific way to optimise your own production workflow. After placing the textile on the platen, Acculine makes an accurate snapshot of the item which immediately displays on your computer screen, using the Acculine software. This allows you to easily and precisely place your artwork on the item to be printed. This is an excellent solution for printing on shoes, on shirt pockets and other “difficult” spots or products.

for your Business.

The unique and modular construction of the GTX/GT-3 serie garment printer can easily be upgraded to adapt to your business needs. The GT-341 is perfect to print on white or light garments. With the GT-361 and its two additional white printheads you can also print on black or dark garments. The GT-381, with double the printing speed and eight printheads, increases productivity even more by using one-pass technology.

We have the solution
for about everything.

The Brother GT-3 series has been built to be flexible. Easily change the different printer platens and print not only on t-shirts but also on a wide variety of other items, like shoes, without any hassles. With our industrial garment printer GT-3 series, you can easily expand your business by adding shoes to your current product range.

Vaps Camera SystemAcculine Camera
Camera scans platenCamera scans platen
Platen is visible on PCPlaten is visible on PC
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Acculine - Simply Indispensable.
And this is how it works.

Acculine enormously reduces your daily test prints and consequently saves you a lot of time. Acculine displays the printing platen in your software for easy-to-use and precise artwork placing on the textile. You choose the exact location for your print result on the screen. Designs to be printed, like on shoes or on breast pockets, can be positioned with the utmost precision with the Acculine system.
Find your dealer and all the information you need.

Find your dealer and all the information you need.

Manuals and Software

Before mounting and installing your new AccuLine Visual System please read and follow the manuals and installation advices
which can be found in zip folder.

GT-3 Download zip Folder (139 MB) GTX Download zip Folder (14 MB)


The following manuals are available


The zip folder above includes the following items

  • AccuLine Documents - Install and Hardware
  • AccuLine Software Setup v1.3
  • C++ patch if error occurs installing Acculine Software
  • GT3 Driver Version 10-7-16
  • GT-3 Firmware v4.000003
  • GT3 Platen tool to be used if you are using a 16 by 18 platen


  • This Software only works on the Window OS.
  • Requires GT-3 print driver 2.4
  • AS300 Make sure that the PC system configuration settings are set to High Performance, Turn off any power-savings
  • Connect to USB 3.0 port only, not USB 2.0 port. You may need to check the specifications for your particular PC, as USB 3.0 ports and USB 2.0 ports look the same. The 3.0 is denoted by the SS USB symbol.
  • Use only the USB 3.0 cable supplied with the AG302. If a longer cable is needed, use a high performance USB 3.0 cable no longer than 3 meters (9 feet) to connect a wall-powered USB 3.0 hub to the USB 3.0 port on the PC. Then plug the USB 3.0 cable of the AG302 into the hub. Make sure the hub is powered and connected to the PC before attempting to connect the AG302 USB 3.0 cable to the hub.
  • Disable screen-saver programs on the PC.

Exact Artwork Placing –
With the new Acculine Camera System.

Acculine sports a 13 megapixel camera which scans all printing areas from 7" x 8" up to 16" x 18" and is postioned 32" above the printer. VAPS is supported by Windows 7+ and works with a USB 3.0 connection. It mounts easily onto the GTX/GT-3 garment printer. Simply install and adjust the software and see what a big help Acculine will be for your daily production – amazing!

Watch this video to see how Acculine works.
VAPS: Camera System for Brother GT-3 Series
Brother GT-341

Starting to print.
Brother GT-341.

Our modular textile and t-shirt printer with CMYK only is perfect for printing on white or light coloured textiles or garments. If you want to expand your range of products and print on darker garments, you can easily upgrade this printer.

More information on GT-341
Brother GT-361

Expand your Business.
Brother GT-361.

Step up to the GT-361 to print on black and darker textiles and t-shirts in order to expand your business. The GT-361 have CMYK and two white printheads, which allows you to print on a wider variety of colours. It is an excellent choice for individual print runs as well as small productions. All printheads have been designed and manufactured by Brother and guarantees a high resolution of up to 1200 dpi with prints in photo-quality.

More information on GT-361
Brother GT-381

More speed.
Brother GT-381.

Maximise your profitability by using this model of the GT-3 series with CMYK and four white printheads. Coupled with our one-pass technology, you will be amazed how you can increase your productivity even more. Faster, one-pass technology and a high resolution of up to 1200 dpi guarantees prints in perfect photo-quality.

More information on GT-381